Frequently Asked Questions

Our coffeeshop has a 99% success rate on delivery as we take the packaging process extremely seriously. However, we believe that there might be cases when there was an error from either our side or the package was lost/stolen. If you have not received your order within the given time frame please contact us. We will investigate the position of your package. In the event that tracking data shows that your order is lost – we will provide a replacement free of charge. In case your order has the status “delivered” – no replacement is provided as we trust the courier data.

It’s solely the responsibility of the customer to provide a correct delivery address. If you have placed the order and have noticed an error – please contact telegram customer support ASAP to rectify it. We do not provide refunds on the occasion when the customer has not provided correct shipping data.

Regarding the tracking number, it is only used when an order is not delivered or is being challenged and is not typically provided for privacy reasons. You are essentially guaranteed that you will receive a refund or resend your package if it is halted in transit. It’s standard procedure in this line of work and is applied in dark web marketplaces as well.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds at this time owing to the nature of our business and the need to maintain anonymity.

Security first!

You can pay in our online store for weed and hash exclusively with Bitcoin. Why? It’s very simple! Bitcoin is anonymous and cannot be traced back. You don’t have Bitcoin? You don’t know where to buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin is easy!

There are many providers where you can buy Bitcoin conveniently with different payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer. For beginners, we recommend,, Read more.

Even while a transaction is recorded in the blockchain’s history, it does not include any personal information. Also, there will be no record that you purchased anything from us because we frequently change our wallet addresses. Therefore, kindly send money only to the wallet addresses that are displayed on the checkout page.