Каждый из наших Premium Hash/Flower Joints содержит не менее 1,5 грамма гашиша и цветов, перемолотых в соотношении 1:2.


Косяки марихуаны Lemon Haze

Do you feel like taking off? Don’t wait any longer! Everything is fine with pre rolls! This pre roll is filled with very strong Lemon Haze. But that’s not all! To really take off, the joint has been rolled in concentrate and weed. The pre rolled Haze is filled with the purest and strongest products inside and out, which means the THC percentage is flying through the roof! So you want to fall back? Then the pre rolled Haze is exactly what you’re looking for! If you’re curious, we have several different types! It’s time to fly! Please visit our FAQs page to learn more about our services.


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